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About us

In 2012 the company Ecopassion was founded in Brunico – South Tyrol and is considered the South Tyrolean pioneer in reviving the useful hemp tradition. Year after year, the unique knowledge of the use of the hemp plant was expanded. For Ecopassion, the goal from the beginning was to process the entire plant, so the path began with the utilization of the stalk, from which building materials were developed. Today, we can proudly proclaim that Ecopassion products are diverse and of high quality. Ecopassion cosmetic products, CBD extracts, food, massage oil and even medical products from the Alpine region are unique, natural and functional. Ecopassion is a small 100% South Tyrolean manufacturer that has made it its mission to find alternatives to industrially manufactured products. The claims are on regionality – from the cultivation of plants to processing, the highest handmade quality, BIO, sustainability and natural ingredients.

Quality instead of quantity!

Since 2020, Ecopassion has planted all its medicinal herbs, such as mountain arnica, marigold, lemon balm, fennel and echinacea, regionally and organically at 600 – 1200 m above sea level. The processing is highly handcrafted to meet our high Ecopassion standards. The result is our Ecopassion active ingredient extracts and our Ecopassion hemp oil, which form the basis of the Ecopassion products.


Oil extraction from the seeds

The valuable Ecopassion hemp oil, which is extracted from the organically grown seeds by cold pressing, is one of the main ingredients in our Ecopassion products. The organic seeds are first gently dried and, while the mill is kept cool, pressed at high pressure. This process guarantees that the seeds are not heated above body temperature and remain at be low 37° C in the outlet. In this way, we guarantee that all the valuable nutrients, such as vitamins and enzymes, are preserved. The valuable Ecopassion hemp oil is called a superfood in the food sector and also serves as a valuable basis for our Ecopassion cosmetic products.


Extraction of herbs

Subcritical CO2 extraction belongs to Green Technology and is a separation process used in the food, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical sectors. It isolates specific active ingredients by subjecting the raw material to be extracted to high pressure in the presence of carbon dioxide. The result is extracts of the highest purity, a very high concentration of active ingredients and very fine organoleptic characteristics. This ensures the environmental sustainability of the process and a very high level of quality and purity of the extracted product. It is a clean, selective technology that does not require high temperatures and is an excellent alternative to traditional extraction with organic solvents, which are highly toxic to the environment and to humans.


Development – Formulation

In order for the maximum effectiveness of the products to be achieved, scientific studies have been carried out on the dermatological properties of the extracts. This means that each product must meet the following requirements:

Calming activity

Stimulation of cell production

Revitalization of skin microcirculation



Protein supply

Vitamin supply

Remineralizing supply

Lipid supply

Anti-inflammatory effect

Activation of skin metabolism

Stimulation of collagen biosynthesis

Toning activity


The functional active ingredients are in synergy with all other elements in adequate quantities to create an exceptional product.

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