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Our Ecopassion products undergo continuous medical testing. Intensive collaboration has been established with medical professionals such as doctors, veterinarians, naturopaths, and physiotherapists. Thanks to their continuous interaction and direct participation, it has been possible for Ecopassion to constantly develop and improve.



We are present in numerous private clinics in South Tyrol that recognize the effectiveness and functionality of Ecopassion products. In addition, the exchange of information between practitioner and patient has enabled the beneficial effects of hemp to become more widely known.

Pain therapy, acupuncture, emergency-urgency medicine
Medical studies in Innsbruck and Freiburg i.B., specialist training in anaesthesia and intensive care medicine in Innsbruck. 2006-2009 senior physician at the hospital in Bolzano, an emergency physician in Innsbruck and South Tyrol and emergency physician at Pelikan 1 for many years. Specialisations in high-altitude medicine, acupuncture, neural therapy and orthomolecular medicine. Since 2009 freelance anaesthetist in private clinics in South Tyrol and since 2016 also in the private clinic Hochrum. Co-founder, anaesthetist and president of the CityClinic in Bolzano.
Alberto Frattini
I am Alberto Frattini, I have an interest, for a long time, in natural cures and non-invasive methods of investigation. I do Testing, as a Measurement Technician with EAV program and Naturopath. Working for a long time, I have been able to understand health, nutritional, emotional disorders, helping people to improve. A great fortune for me was to learn about the work of Aldo Sacchetti, a medical hygienist, scientist, who denounced the limitations of current science, pointing to the understanding of Life and its laws, in the new discoveries of physics and biology of the twentieth century, I was thus able to combine my early humanistic and soul-searching training, with Voll’s Electro Acupuncture studies, naturopathic and coherent electrodynamic physics. The time has come to share my practice with those who need to understand the origin of their problems, and improve their health.
Alessandro Prota
I am Dr Alessandro Prota – Veterinary Doctor After a long multidisciplinary experience in the field of specialist surgery, I embarked on a path of personal research, dedicating myself to the study of biological therapies, taking up again the studies of biochemistry, biology and physics that have often been neglected over the years by an increasingly specialised medicine that loses sight of the patient as a whole, limiting itself to the treatment and suppression of the symptoms of that organ without considering the various influences and connections between the different organs and apparatuses. I wanted to explain the diseases, but I was no longer convinced by the indications I was reading in the classic Veterinary Medicine texts. After various studies in the field of Functional and Quantum Medicine, I realised that the direction in which to tackle illnesses was different, and I sought a more convincing and satisfactory path where the focus was on quality nutrition and a greater awareness of toxicity, respecting the physiology of the cell and the connections between the various organs. “Through the study of the constitution and bio-typology, I realised that every patient is unique and therapy must be set up bearing in mind the characteristics of that organism in its uniqueness.
Alexander Angerer
I am Dr Alexander Angerer – a doctor for Complementary Medicine. For me, holistic also means combining scientifically valid medicine with naturopathy. Often, one treatment method alone does not lead to the desired success. As a conventional and complementary doctor, I find it important to combine both treatment methods to be able to provide you as a patient with the best possible treatment. Just as conventional medicine remains indispensable in many cases, complementary medicine can help and cure the cause in many cases. Science is seeing more and more clearly that a disease is not exclusively a matter of the human organism. Holistic means not looking at the body in isolation, but also including the mental and emotional processes, feelings and thoughts of a patient in the therapy. “Only if the human being is grasped in its entirety can the cause of disorders or illnesses be recognised and addressed therapeutically.”  
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